For over a hundred years Fish n’ Chips has been the staple dish of the British people, an integral part of their identity.
The fish-and-chip shop, “CHIPPY” or “CHIPPER” in modern British slang originated in the United Kingdom in 1860.

Fried-potato shops spreading south from Scotland merged with fried-fish shops spreading north from southern England and the Chip Shop was born. During World War II, fish and chips remained one of the few foods in the United Kingdom not subject to rationing thus making Fish and Chips a Household staple.

Brit & Chips goal is to capture the best  aspects of a traditional chippy and add some of the local flavour and style that Montreal is known for. The menu was created by a team of Montreal’s pre-eminent experts in English Cuisine and Aesthetic, after tireless treks through England, hunting down different recipes and ideas from the most renowned English
Fish n’ Chips shops.

The result is an amazing amalgamation of the best that Britain has to offer, with a little Quebecois spice.